Be still, and know that I am God! Psalm 46:10

For several days, the noise was continuous and loud: horns blowing, people’s voices, music playing and all the other continuous sounds of big city life. I can’t recall one single moment of quiet…even during the nights. Upon my return from New York City, the airport bus dropped me off at the remote car lot and slowly drove away.  I was left with an amazing sound of silence. For a few moments, I listened to nothing except the quiet. No horns, no people, no noise nor any other kind of audible trespass. For a brief time my world was soundless. It was a powerfully tranquil moment and for the first time in several days, I could hear the small quiet voice in my head.

Elijah had a similar experience as stood out on the mountaintop waiting for God to speak (I Kings 19:11-13). First, there was a mighty windstorm but the Lord did not speak through the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake but the Lord could not be heard in the earthquake. Then came a great fire but still, the Lord was not there.  Finally, after the fire came a period of quiet calm and Elijah then heard the still small voice…the whispering voice of God. 

The workplace is no different. There are storms, fires to put out and nuisances of all types. Yet, in the midst of these distractions we all need periods of total quiet and stillness. Indeed, workplaces are noisy, busy places and the competing “sounds” or distractions come in many forms…customer demands, complaints, people problems, financial woes, deadlines, personal anxieties, stress, etc.  It is during these very loud moments that we need to briefly escape and allow God to whisper in a still small voice. You see, He won’t speak in a booming voice from heaven but in a peaceful quiet way. Thus, finding uninterrupted time with God is essential; it allows us to distinguish His voice from the many other sounds competing for our attention.

Your workplace challenge is to carve out some special time every day to be still before God. Close your door, take a walk and block out all the noise which competes for His time and His unique voice. Allow Him to speak to your heart and minister to your soul. It is during times of stillness that He will give you rest and impart His wisdom. Who knows, it may be during these times that He communicates a big idea or grand plan for your life. Start listening more for God’s delicate whispering voice and make today count for His Glory!