“Then Jesus told this story to some who had great confidence in their own righteousness and scorned everyone else:” Luke 18:9.

My wife was out walking and passed a group of kids who were playing basketball. She noticed one child was unkindly chastising another for shooting an air ball. Sure enough as my wife continued her walk to the end of the cul-de-sac and came by the same group again the kid who was being unkind earlier lofted his own shot which also turned out to be an air ball.  Air balls are part of the game just like mistakes are part of life. No need to dwell on them, get the ball and try again.

Life is an ongoing opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Making mistakes in the work place happens to all of us because trial and error are excellent teachers. If your workplace is not making mistakes you probably are not on the cutting edge and taking chances that build successful companies.  This is not a defense of sin or premeditated wrongful actions, but it is an attempt to enable us to see life as it is.  Our Lord Jesus ministered to and with disciples who were often mistaken.  They did not realize who Jesus really was throughout His earthly ministry.  He gently corrected them and made the most of every teachable moment.  Today we follow in their footsteps often forgetting that we serve and belong to the Lord of all.  Jesus told a parable about two men who came to the temple and prayed.  One of them thought his prayer and life was a sure winner, a slam dunk.  Because of pride he actually threw up an air ball when it came to his relationship with the Lord.  With humility the other man prayed from a distance not even daring to look up, yet he scored a game winner because Scripture says he was justified before God.  Pride can interfere with all that the Lord wants to accomplish in and through us.  It can keep us on the sideline and from even getting in the game. Why? Because we are too important, and too busy to get involved or we do not want to get our hands dirty.  That coworker or customer that is hurting and in need today is our God-given opportunity to acknowledge them, reach out to them, and serve them with Christ-like love and mercy.  Go ahead take your best shot and if it turns out to be an air ball go after it and try again.

Your workplace challenge is to recognize we are part of a mistaken world.  Make today count by putting your pride down and learning from your mistakes.  Never pass up an opportunity to serve your coworkers and do it for His glory.