My father has been gone for nearly 40 years. Sadly, he passed away while I was still a young man…far too early.  I often think about my dad and how he gets smarter every day. In other words, the wisdom he imparted to me as a youngster still impacts my life. At the time, I was slow to listen or heed his advice but over and over again, his words have proven true. Yet, while my earthly father is no longer present, my Heavenly Father is always with me and He promises to grant wisdom to all who ask Him. James 1:5 says if anyone lacks wisdom let Him ask it of God who gives it liberally without reproach. We serve a generous God. He willingly grants an abundance of wisdom and He will not rebuke those who ask.

Godly wisdom is more about Who we know and not what we know. Wisdom starts when we trust our Creator and recognize that He always knows and desires what’s best for us. Workplace Christians especially need wisdom to deal with those work relationships and situations that challenge us. Regardless of the situation, circumstance or problem we might face, God promises to grant the wisdom we need to address it; but first, we must ask. Godly wisdom helps us discern between right and wrong and guides us to be people of integrity who honor God in all things. The wisdom that God gives us flows from biblical Truth.  It establishes our values and ultimately determines our actions. So, when the enemy seeks to deceive us with thoughts or questions that undermine our belief system, Biblical truth will help us hold fast to what is right. The bottom line is that our heavenly Father knows all things and will grant wisdom for whatever we might face at work. He will use the counsel of Godly men or women who will faithfully speak truth (instead of what you want to hear) into your life.

Your workplace challenge is ask God for wisdom more often. Never make any significant personal or professional decision without first seeking His truth and guidance. According to 1 Timothy 1:17, our heavenly Father is the only wise God. His wisdom is worthy, right and true. He cannot lie and He is never wrong. Make today count for His glory.