Good morning!  Life is short no matter how you measure it.  In fact, James says it is "like a vapor, here for a moment and then vanishes away."  (James 4:4)  The recent death of John Madden is another reminder that we don't live forever.  Madden was highly respected in his industry, playing a huge role in coaching and football commentary. He embraced his job with a passion.  It was his life and he lived doing what he loved to do. He must have been well satisfied by all he put into his work. 

Vocationally speaking, Madden probably got more out of life than the average working man.  The question for us this morning is, "When I die, will I have gotten all there is to get out of life and will I have put as much in it as I could have?"  Abraham is no stranger to most Christians who have studied the Word.  His life was filled with great purpose and many ups and downs.  His work was meaningful as he walked very closely with God. Genesis 25:8 says that "Abraham breathed his last and died at a ripe old age, an old man and satisfied."  When I think of satisfied one of the pictures that comes to mind is that of sitting down at a table to eat.  After consuming all you wish, you push back from the table well-satisfied.  You don't want anymore.  In fact, you want to move away from the table completely.  Following Abraham's life story and his work, one would conclude that his satisfaction rested not in his many years (175) but in a life fully lived for the Lord and work that would matter for many generations to come. When he died, he had lived and worked in such a way that he didn't want anymore here.  He was full, done, satisfied.

If you died today, would you pass away having done a job you love?  Are you giving it your all and are you finding satisfaction in it? Are you committing it daily to the Lord as a ministry to Him?  You'll never find real satisfaction if the end goal of it is something to be heaped upon your own head.  But if you view it as your primary means of bringing glory to God on a daily basis and give it to Him as an offering to be used for honor to His Name and His Kingdom, your daily reward will be great and you will be well-satisfied when you die.  Your workplace challenge is to do a personal assessment this morning and make any adjustments necessary.  Ask the Lord to help you live every day on the job to its fullest and to make it count for His glory!