Good morning! Nothing and nobody is perfect.  "There is none righteous, not even one," says the Scripture (Rom. 3:23 ).  With that in mind, this is a good place to jump into your new work week.  Something at the office today will not meet your satisfaction.  Someone will disappoint you or leave you hanging.  A pending deal will falter or an unplanned workplace circumstance will take you off guard.  You have two basic choices:  force others into the mold you wanted (demanding perfection) and stress out.  Or, you may admit that you, too, aren't perfect and decide to dole out a measure of grace and realistic expectation.

Your workplace challenge is to "Judge not that you be not judged."  (Matt. 7:1)  Remember that actual perfection is impossible.  This does not excuse or exempt any of us from doing our very best for Christ's sake and requiring the same from others.  But be realistic.  Set the bar very high but be careful not to put too much pressure on others to perform beyond their capabilities just because it serves your personal agenda.  Don't let your "Type A," squeeze-the-most-our-of-everyone-around-you personality override realism and wisdom.  The grace (or lack thereof) you dole out today will be the exact measure that others are willing to extend to you tomorrow when you fumble the ball.  And all of us eventually flub it up somewhere (flub is an ancient Greek word for major goof!). God bless you as you serve Christ at His pleasure this week! Make it count for His glory!