Good morning! It's Friday, the sixth day of the week. Best I can tell, there are at least 815 references in God's Word to work. Of these, hundreds refer to God's work.  Genesis 2:2-3 alone refers three times to God's completed work, referring in that case to Creation.  From Genesis to Revelation you can find references on almost every page. The point is that God works!  So the next question is...What is God's job?  What is He doing? We don't know all that God is doing, that's for sure. But Paul says "God is at work in you..."  (Phil. 2:13)  Stop for a moment to ponder the fact that today God's "job" is to be at work in you; you are God's project this morning! 
The word work here in this verse is our word for energy.  In other words, God is energizing you this morning and He will do so all day long!  Just call on Him and lean on Him in total dependence.  What is it today at work that you feel like you're too tired or worn out to do.  Think again.  Pray.  Ask the Lord to do what He does so naturally; that is, energize you!  Ask Him to work in you.  That project, phone call, meeting, appointment, communication or work objective/goal you were about to put off until Monday might be done today. It's Friday.  Don't shrink back because you're weary from the previous four work days.  Unleash the work of God in your life this morning and get energized.  Where do you think the Energizer Bunny gets his energy from, anyway? Batteries can't do that!
Your workplace challenge is to do something today on the job/in your workplace environment that you had thought you would probably wait on and do Monday. 
You'll be glad you did it. Your boss/superiors will love you for it. And the Lord will get glory from it as He gives you energy for it! God is still at work even though it's Friday!!! Make today count for His glory.