My family decided to do things a little differently. It was the first Christmas after the death of my wife's father. Nothing would ever be quite the same. So…our family decided that we would work at a local Rescue Mission on Christmas morning. To familiarize ourselves with the routine, a few days before Christmas we met at the Mission with a family friend who works there as a full-time volunteer. After taking a tour and making plans for the menu, we walked over to a local restaurant for lunch. On the way, we had to pass through a park where many of the homeless stay during the day. I couldn’t help but notice that our friend went out of his way to speak to and encourage every homeless person in our path. He called most by name and offered them a smile, a warm touch or a kind word. With an attitude of humility, he showed them love, care and compassion.
Just a few days later, I was downtown and overheard a woman who lived there speaking about her experience in the city. When asked how she liked it, she responded, “It would be great, except for the homeless people…you just can’t get away from them. They are everywhere." Wow! I was taken aback by that response and its stark contrast to that of my other friend. Talk about a different perspective! One man sees a lost and lonely soul who needs grace and a kind word, the other sees a nuisance!
In our workplaces, our perspective often dictates our response towards the people with whom we work. How do we see them? Do we see value in each person or do we merely see a nuisance? Do we recognize that God loves and values each and every one of us? With the right perspective, our posture at work will always be one of humility and love.     
Your workplace challenge is to look around you in your workplace, neighborhood and community. Ask God to give you eyes to see with compassion that person whom you most often consider a nuisance. As you go about your day, extend to him or her, a kind or encouraging word or the hand of friendship. Your attitude of humility and love will make a huge difference in their life. Make today count for His glory!