"So then, while we have this opportunity, let us do good to all people..."  Galatians 6:10a 

Good morning! Only 10 days till Christmas. My wife and I enjoy sending and receiving Christmas cards. Though not necessarily spiritual in nature, I have always loved the ones portraying a picturesque wintery landscape, beautiful evergreen trees heavy-laden with fresh-fallen snow and the undisturbed deep white blanket on the ground. Flanked by a sleigh and the well-lit lamp post, very happy carolers stand under a full moon and a cloudless sky.  Everything's perfect at Christmas.

The problem is that everything is not perfect at Christmas.  For many in your workplace there is trouble, strife or difficulty just below the surface of watercooler conversation and workplace interaction.  Somehow Christmas magnifies general life contexts and, if things are good, then things can be really good at Christmas.  But when things are bad (hard, sad, grievous, stressful, etc.), things can be very bad.

Sometimes the slightest little attempt to minister to someone will reveal the difficulty or hardship.  Ask the Lord to help you identify someone in your work environment who is needy.  This could be financial in nature.  It may have nothing to do with economics.  It could be a co-worker who has lost a parent in death or who has been through a divorce this year.  Is anyone on your wing suffering with serious health issues?  Someone else in the company is newly estranged from their son or daughter.  A recently-transferred employee is now living too far away from rest of her family to visit them this month.  You fill in the blanks.  Hurting, needy people are everywhere at work.

Your workplace challenge is to help your associates through this tough time! Reach out and express care. Discover workplace needs simply by asking. Look for simple, practical ways to build friendships and show the love of Christ.  Sacrifice something.  Go out of your way.  Inconvenience yourself.  Dial in to someone else's pain and provide relief or at least share the burden to the extent you can.  The original spirit of Christmas has everything to do with God meeting our need (for salvation) and giving us joy today and hope for the future.  He did for us what we could not do for ourselves.  In like manner, do something at Christmas for someone in your workplace. You will be the one who is blessed.

Currier and Ives-type Christmas cards are pretty and appreciated.  But life is never perfect.  You have only 10 days left to help someone in your workplace with the hardship that (s)he is suffering at Christmas time.  Put your faith into practice like this.  Go ahead.  Do it for His glory!