Good afternoon to all.  We hope all of you are having a great Christmas season.  Here's our Christmas Wish List at The Other 6 Days:

1.  We wish that all Christians everywhere might realize that as they serve in their places of employment, they are serving the purposes of Christ and are called representatives for Him in their workplaces.

2.  We wish that each Christian worker who is looking for meaning and joy in the workplace would seek to be the employee who serves/ works with meaning and joy and thus create such an atmosphere with God's help.

3.  We wish that all Christian employees/employers who are discouraged in their workplaces would find new hope and fresh encouragement as they celebrate and worship Christ this Christmas season.

4.   We wish that all Christians realized the power of the Christian influence they have and each would pray for God's usage of that influence as they serve in their workplaces in 2022.

Merry Christmas to you all from your friends at The Other 6 Days!