"Six days you shall labor and do all your work." (Ex. 20:9)

It's Labor Day!  Good morning.  Your friends at The Other 6 Days want to wish each of you a very happy Labor Day.  Hopefully you have the day off and are able to rest from your labor on this day.  If you are working, may the Lord especially bless you as your serve Him in your specific capacity.

We want to challenge you to do three things.  First, thank God for your job because it is a gift He has entrusted to you.  Secondly, recommit yourself to the stewardship of this gift. Make it your heart's desire to serve Him faithfully as your return to work tomorrow.  Thirdly, when you arrive there, express to your employer (or employees) your appreciation for the relationship you have with them at work.  Let them know that you value your work relationships.

Our team at The Other 6 Days appreciates each of you and we thank God for all you are doing in your workplace to bring Him glory and honor!  Have a great day.  Rest from your normal responsibilities and spend it in some way to make it count for His glory! See you on Wednesday!