A good Friday morning to you!  I read about a dentist here in America who introduces himself as a "Christian masquerading as a dentist."  That is an interesting (and biblical) way of of seeing things. Leadership author John Maxwell, has been credited with this statement to Christians in the workplace: "Our first calling is to a relationship with Him. Yet that relationship is pursued in the context of a second calling- that work that He would have to us to do out of love for Him.  Neglecting either calling is a mistake."   The truth this morning is that your job is an avenue to love God and to love others.  Everything else is secondary or tertiary.  Josh McDowell asked: "If you were on trial for being a Christian (at work) would there be enough evidence to convict you?"  (emboldened words in parentheses are mine.)  So, is there evidence? Does your life on the job really tell His story?

Your workplace challenge is to work today so that your actions and workplace behavior convict you (in the eyes of co-workers) of being a Christ-follower.  Don't camouflage your faith but be careful to create a context and atmosphere whereby your work and work-life create a deep interest in others to the point of them wanting what (Who) it is you have.  Your work really isn't a "masquerade" at all, yet in truth it is a "front" or an avenue by which you not only contribute to your company via your skills and gifts, but it is the means by which you appeal to others as you live out your faith and give great glory to God.  When the Lord provides them, seize spontaneous opportunities to be explicit with co-workers regarding your faith.  Determine now, however, to appreciate the process and journey of creating the desire in others to help them want to know the wonder and love of your God.  Do this by focusing, with great intentionally on the process of building solid, firm, healthy workplace relationships.  Have a great day and make it count for His glory..."As you go, make disciples of all..."  (Matt. 28:19a).