Take time to Recognize and Honor Others

Near the end of his letter to the church in Rome, Paul identified a number of ordinary folks who had made a big difference in his ministry. He encouraged his readers to take note of them. One was Erastus (Romans 16:23). Not much is known about Erastus except that he lived in Corinth, was a friend to Paul and held the position of city treasurer. Still, Paul felt it worthy to mention Erastus and many others by name to acknowledge them and to express his gratitude for real people, in real places. Most were workplace individuals; ordinary people who had done extraordinary and selfless things to serve others.

Our company lost a very dear friend and teammate who had served as a mentor to many leaders in our company. His intelligence and high level of technical expertise, in large part, was responsible for propelling our company to what it is today. He was hard-working, full of integrity, generous, gracious, humble and caring toward others. He made a huge difference in the lives of all who knew him. Like Paul, the company took time to honor this man and acknowledge his contribution.

Everyone has an Erastus in their lives; those very special people who’ve played an enormous role in the personal or workplace success. Perhaps it’s a boss, coach, pastor, teacher, parent or workplace mentor. Whomever, be diligent to show gratitude and to honor them. Honor means to esteem, place value upon or show great respect. Romans 12:10 says to honor one another above yourselves. So, with intentionality and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we must take time to recognize and to honor others especially those whom God has used to shape us.   

Your workplace challenge is to think about that very special people who has been part of your life. Take time to thank God for them. Then, find a creative way to acknowledge their contribution and to express gratitude to them. You might affirm them publically, write a personal note or take them to dinner. Or, you could arrange a time to sit with them and document their story (be sure to take some pictures). Whatever you choose to do, God is honored when we honor those whom He has placed in our lives. Make today count for His glory.