You Can Be Real!

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…”  John 1:14a

One thing we love about God is that He became a human being for a while on this planet!  The incarnation is one of the most incredible and amazing aspects of God’s revealed love for us.  Because Jesus subjected Himself to the challenges of this fallen world, He understands the frailties, weaknesses and vulnerabilities we face every day at work.  It was Jesus, the Man, who cried out from the cross in physical dehydration, “I am thirsty!”  It was Jesus- all human while all God- who was grief-stricken that a close friend had died.  He “wept.” It was Jesus, as a human capable of being utterly lonely, crying out from the cross, “My God, My God!  Why have you forsaken. Me?”  Jesus felt lonely and abandoned.

These examples of the earthly humanity of our Savior should be juxtaposed with the erroneous notion in some Christian circles that it isn’t acceptable to be human, or at least not to admit that we are.  It’s easy at work to act like we have the world by the tail when, in fact, we are being eaten alive.  When a coworker asks us how we are doing we respond with a pat “religious” answer that preserves our “status” as a super-Christian but completely ignores the reality of our personal pain, suffering or weakness.  Most of us have been guilty of refusing to admit our own humanity, as if the admission of such represents weakness in our Christian life.  (Of course, we are weak...and sinful!  That’s why Jesus came to the minister to us and be our Strength and Salvation.)

The problem with never being transparent before our co-workers and marketplace associates is that they can get the impression that they aren’t good enough to ever know Christ!  While they struggle in their humanity (too), they wonder why they can’t measure up to the aura of “perfection” we often erroneously give off.  In fact, if they could get even a glimpse of our personal struggles, our desperate need for Christ as Sustainer, Provider, Comforter and Friend, many of them would be compelled to seek Him, too as we have and find in Him the answer to their life’s needs.

Today’s Workplace Challenge:  You don’t necessarily need to shout from the mountaintop your struggles and the giants you are facing in life; rather, just be a transparent human being the way Jesus was.  Be real.  Don’t feel like you have to “one-up” Jesus on spirituality!  Imitate Him and be genuine, even human around your co-workers!  You’ll find that not only will many of your work associates come to your aid to help you, but some of them will begin to call on the Lord for help like you do!  Go ahead… make today count for His glory!