Hide and Seek By: Joe Franklin

“This, then, is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil. For everyone who practices wicked things hates the light and avoids it, so that his deeds may not be exposed. But anyone who lives by the truth comes to light, so that his works may be shown to be accomplished by God.” John 3:19-21 HCSB.
While living overseas with two teenage daughters my wife and I were creative with our family time. One evening we decided to turn off all the lights and play hide and seek. Hide and seek had always been a child’s game in my limited way of thinking, but now here were 4 adults playing and it was intense. The only rules were no lights, the seeker had to count to 50 before seeking, and the sought had to stay in the house. It is much easier for those hiding to change hiding places under the cover of darkness. The most effective seekers moved softly and slowly while using all their senses. It was a moon lit night and I can still vividly see the silhouette of my wife standing behind the curtain in the sliding glass door. Her scream when I touched her arm was a reminder of the fear we all have for darkness. It was a great way to get the heart rate up whether you were the seeker or the sought. Thankfully it was just a game and we do not have to walk around in darkness. I am also thankful no one was physically injured and today we can laugh about the experience.
After we all had a turn we were relieved to get the lights back on and see. Darkness intimidates us and raises our level of anxiety. This has great application for our workplace. Some of us are in hiding today because of some sin or sinful habit and we need to stop trying to maneuver in darkness. While you might hide it from others you cannot hide anything from God. Perhaps He is the only one you need to confess your sin to. Ask Him sincerely to enable you to overcome this and claim His promise (1 John 1:9). Consider sharing this with someone that you can trust to hold you accountable in the days to come.
Others in the workplace are hiding in hopes of being found. There was always at least one "hider" in my childhood memory of hide and seek that could not stand the suspense and would step out or in some other way get themselves found. There are co-workers in our work place today trying to get noticed because poor habits and attitudes are being displayed. This is our opportunity to show love and concern and help them. Prayerfully and patiently show interest in them for who they are, just like Jesus did. Remember we do not change people, but we get them to Jesus who transforms them. Perhaps this is your queue to take that step. We have the ability to turn on the light and bring them from darkness to light. Let us be good stewards of the truth that God has graciously given to us and seek others out enabling them to be found and live in His light. Do it for His Glory!