Often times we are uncomfortable admitting that we are afraid. Somehow we have created a culture where fear is perceived as weakness and something not to be spoken of.  In fact, fear can be a great indicator of the size tasks you are undertaking and that the Lord has entrusted to you.  

Consider the following:

1.       You have been diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease. Your family needs you, you want to live. Fearful?

2.       You are unemployed and are about to run out of money (or have run out of money). Fearful?

3.       The economy is pounding your business that you have spent years building, it may go under. Fearful?

4.       Your mortgage (or other debts) are overwhelming you and may potentially face bankruptcy. Fearful?

5.       Your marriage is falling apart, you don’t want to lose your spouse and your family. Fearful?

6.       A family member is struggling with an adversary (drugs, alcohol, poor decisions, other) that seems to be getting the best of them and the consequences are substantial. Fearful?

Surely all of us can relate to one of the scenarios above or a similar scenario. It is 100% human to feel fear when we face these circumstances. Yet somehow we are often expected to act as if these circumstances do not cause us to feel fearful.

The Lord anticipated that we would be fearful and discouraged. He must have because we are admonished dozens of times in the Bible with the message of “do not be discouraged, do not be terrified, do not be fearful/afraid”.  He told us this almost 100 times!!! Obviously He knew that we would need these words of encouragement.

Be encouraged; the Lord anticipated that we would be afraid at times, He simply does not want us to let fear reign in our lives. He wants to reign in all His power and might.   Our circumstances may be daunting but our Lord is ALL powerful!

Let’s join in prayer this morning: “Lord, thank You for Your love, mercy, grace, provision and power.  This morning, in faith, I lay _______________ (insert your daunting issue here) at the Your throne and lean wholly onto You for Your provision of victory.  Please remove this fear from me and fill me with Your peace, Your assurance and Your presence. May You be glorified in all I do, say and think.”