Far Greater

Good morning!  What happens when you really need God to act in some special way at work, and He just doesn't come through?  Has that ever happened to you? You needed Him to act to get that new customer, bring that certain signature to close a big contract, cause your supervisor to make the decision to allow you to shift hours, and on and on.  It was important, whatever it was.  You just knew God would come through.  But He didn't.

Martha knew that feeling well.  Her brother was deathly ill so she sent for her friend, Jesus. "He can do anything," she must have thought.  Unfortunately, Jesus didn't arrive until four days later.  It was too late; Lazarus was dead and buried.  When Jesus arrived at the house, Martha came out to greet Him and you can hear the frustration in her voice: "Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died." (John 11:21)  What Jesus proceeded to do at that point was far greater than healing a sick man...he raised a dead man from the grave!

Perhaps you are dealing with disappointment at work.  Whatever the situation, the fact that God didn't deliver the way you asked or thought He should has left you with anxiety, frustration, concern for the future, or some other deep emotion. Maybe you even feel like God let you down or has disappointed you.   Here's the reality:  it may be that God is going to do something far greater at work than what you asked for!  Had Jesus honored Martha's original request, there would have been no miraculous resurrection of Lazarus from the dead.  Which is greater... healing a sick man or bringing one back from the dead after four days?

Today's Workplace Challenge:  Praise the Lord every time you need to petition Him.  This will keep your prayer life balanced.  Then keep lifting before His throne those workplace petitions, needs and burdens that are heavy on your heart.  Then trust Him as/after you pray.  If He answers that prayer, give Him great praise.  If He doesn't answer right away, keep praying and understand that it may be that He may want to do something far greater than what you are asking of Him!  Remember, God is absolutely faithful and totally upredictable.  He may be about to do something at work that you could have never imagined!  Have a great day and praise "Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all we could ever ask or think..."  Eph. 3:20  Blessings on your Monday workday.  Make it count for His glory!