Effective Workplace Habits

Good morning!  I often reflect on people and businesses and the habits that are characteristic of highly effective workplace Christians. Here are five recurring trademarks of such people/businesses based on my observations: 

First, they restore when others have made mistakes.  While each of us must hold ourselves and others accountable to strong standards, highly effective workplace Christians use the workplace mistakes of others as teaching moments, turning them into opportunities to help others improve themselves for the next such situation.  It's easier to bark- and more natural to scream or lose patience in such instances- but those who are effective seek restoration, not revenge or punishment in such moments. 

Second, highly effective workplace Christians remember the small things about people. Instead of treating people as "another number", they learn names, remember details by making notes and taking an interest in those they meet.  People will remember you because you care about the small things.

Third, they reinvent themselves regularly. I visit Chick-fil-A often. In fact, about about twice a week.  Why?  They represent excellence and do what is necessary to stay that way. They aren't afraid to upgrade or make changes to win the loyalty of customers. Their image is second to none in the fast-food business. Highly effective workplace Christians do the same, refusing to get stuck in the same old sedentary ruts.  It is true that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," but many are working in environments that haven't worked in years.

Next, they rid themselves of unneeded baggage.  They are laser-focused and willing to jettison anything that is bogging down productivity and maximum effectiveness.  Even Jonah's contemporaries understood this concept...and Jonah got tossed overboard as a result!  But he was extra baggage that came with great liability, so they got rid of him.  Starbucks went through a purging a number of years ago, removing some of their food items and sandwiches from their menu.  They stick fairly closely to coffee.  Why not?  If you can sell a cup of coffee at the price they do, why fiddle with food, right?  Their strategy seems to be working very well!  Highly effective Christians stay laser-focused, on mission, and are too wise to get off in the weeds of distraction.

Finally, they represent well.  They speak highly of their organizations when they talk.  But they speak highly of their organizations also by the way they don't talk; in the way they carry themselves in the community and contexts they are in.  They validate the claims of their faith over and over again every day at work in how they steward and manage themselves.  Their personal lives do the same. They are a tribute to their companies.  People trust them, look highly upon them, and want to interact and engage them in commerce, business and life.  When you are attractive, spiritually speaking, it bodes very well for you in the business/work world. 

Today's Workplace Challenge: Juxtapose these characteristics of highly effective workplace Christians with your life and work.  Do you measure up?  If so, praise God!  Is their one area or more you need to work on? Solomon said, "Give instruction to a wise man and he will be wiser still..."  (Prov. 9:9)  So think on these habits and be wiser, more effective still as you labor for the Lord.  It's Wednesday.  Let's really make it count for His Glory!