Simply Showing Up

Good morning! It may not be quite this simple but the act of showing up is HUGE in whatever it is that you are pursuing in life, especially as it relates to your vocation and calling.

Cal Ripken, Jr., the legendary Major League Baseball player and former 3rd basemen/shortstop for the Baltimore Orioles, broke a record that may not be broken itself for decades to come. On Sept. 6, 1995, Ripken started and played in his 2,131st consecutive game breaking a 56-yr-old recored set by Lou Gehrig.  As Ripken trotted onto the field in the first inning of that game, the crowd roared in deep admiration and appreciation for his tenacity, dependability, and faithfulness.  For 22 uninterrupted minutes, tens of thousands stood up, applauded, whistled wildly, and screamed commendations to the guy who didn't miss a game for more than 13 years in a row.  (His streak didn't end until he had played 2,632 games consecutively... 17 seasons!)  Ripken had not hit a game-winning grand slam that day.  He wasn't winning another World Series crown nor earning the League's MVP award.  What he was doing, however, was simply showing up for his job...again.  His teammates nicknamed him Iron Man en route to his record.

While we talk much about integrity, excellence, professionalism, a servant's heart (etc.), the obvious is simple consistency in showing up; being on the scene when the job demands it and our co-workers expect us.  One of the greatest contributors in building a steely-strong workplace testimony is showing up to fulfill the duties of your profession, day after day...

Today's Workplace Challenge:  Go to work!  Of course you're tired.   But show up at work as you are scheduled today.  Let your consistency be one of your strong points at work.  Half the battle will be won by simply getting there!  If you "hit a home-run" today, great!  And if you don't, by showing up you were still in the game and doing what the Coach asked of you.  Do this every day of your work-life, and you're sure to be a champion for Christ in more ways than you'll ever be able to count!  "Let us run with patience the race that is set before us..."   (Hebrews 12:1b)  Have an awesome day and always show up for His glory!