Heaven Can Wait

Good  morning!  In his The Passing Summer, Michael Cassidy of South Africa says, "we have taken the holistic message preached in the Old and New Testament and reduced our message to the entry point into the Kingdom.  The beginning has become the goal: salvation!"  He calls this "the Great Reversal."  I think he is onto something and this is part of the answer, in my opinion, for why we are not making more headway in our American culture in today's generation. 

  So is it possible that Cassidy is right?  Have we made the beginning of the Christian pilgrimage the end goal?  Are we preaching the gospel of salvation instead of the gospel of the Kingdom?  What's the difference, you say?  In the former, salvation is the goal, the end, the total victory and there isn't really anything else much to concern ourselves with once someone is saved.  The gospel of the Kingdom includes salvation (critical, necessary, the only way to heaven) but is not limited to salvation.  Jesus said that we are to "make disciples" of all nations...  We do this by 1) baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, AND 2) teaching them to observe all things that Jesus has taught us in His Word.  (Matt. 28:1 9-20)  Is it possible that we are reaching people in our culture, but not teaching them much about Christ and His Word?  If we only care about whether or not someone is "saved" then we haven't made disciples out of them at all.  We have simply helped them to escape the fires of hell, and that's great!  But why not teach them the gospel of the Kingdom of God and let them participate in what it is that God wants to do here...and now.  Why should a believer have to  wait to go to heaven before he begins to participate in Kingdom activity?  It simply isn't biblical. (But it sure takes me off the hook as a Christian at work!  More accurately, it robs me of the opportunity to influence those in my work world for Christ's sake.)

That's where you come in!  It is truly amazing that Christ has chosen you and me to not only reach each member in our societies, but to "teach them to observe all the things I have commanded you..." (vs. 20)  Where and how are we going to do this?  At work, of course! (And at school if we want to reach children, because that's where kids spend about 50% of their waking hours.)  It is critical that we see ourselves as His agents commissioned to teach to others in our workplaces all the things that He has commanded us!  So what kind of teacher are you?  What kind of transformation is taking place in your office or company as a result of your daily teaching?  It is your calling, your commission, your purpose; it is foundational to being a Christian.  We basically miss our very reason for being in this world when we miss our opportunity to use our workplace assignments as strategic stations for Kingdom growth!  But Satan has blinded our minds and eyes to this reality.  The results are telling.

Today's Workplace Challenge:  First, see yourself as a teacher for the King of the Kingdom of God.  A good teacher models for his students what it is that he is seeking to teach.  So pay attention to the way you are modeling the precepts in God's Word.  Next, see salvation as a (wonderful) starting point, not the destination for a believer.  Check your own growth and spiritual development.  Are you maturing in your own faith.  Next, begin to develop a strategy to teach others in your workplace Who God is and what He really cares about.  Think this through.  See the need to connect with some other Christians in your office or firm?  Together, you can do so much more than you can individually.  Pray for wisdom.  Ask Him for boldness.  Step out of that same old rut you may be in and do something different, fresh, or new to demonstrate to your associates and neighbors who God really is.  Let's get Him out of our isolated hearts and into the streets, the offices, the marketplace, the public square and everywhere that people are.  Teach Him to the world.  Identify the corner He has assigned you to and make Him known!  Have a wonderful day and make it count!