He Had Value in Their Eyes

Good morning!  There can be a temptation to disregard co-workers or supervisors who don't know the Lord.  It is easy to dismiss them in an "us versus them" kind of mentality. To be an agent of change at work, though, it is important to have a strong workplace relationship with the lost and to also be a part of the process of adding economic benefit to the company for which you work. The establishment of this combination of factors not only bodes well in building trust and respect with others but it provides for you real and perceived value in the eyes of your associates and superiors.

Understanding the above concepts, Joseph worked for a couple of guys who did not know God (Potiphar then Pharaoh). His reputation, however, was that of complete loyalty to them.  His faithfulness to God compelled him to be faithful to them, too.  When facing a difficult economic crisis, Pharaoh selected Joseph to be his Prime Minister and put him in charge of the national operation.  With his appointment of Joseph, Pharaoh said, "Can we find a man such as this one, a man in whom is the Spirit of God?  Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, inasmuch as God has informed you of all this, there is no one so discerning and wise as you." (Gen. 41:38-39) That is a STRONG statement coming from a non-believer regarding the wisdom and ability of a godly man!  But Joseph had earned such accreditation and his influence became culture-saving.

Everything about Joseph's work-style and demeanor spelled wisdom.  When a company or business undergoes the stress of competition, practical difficulties, or economic challenges, those at the top of the organizational structure will often look for answers among those who have been/are exercising skill, precision, innovation, common sense, and who promote solutions to workplace obstacles.  And those who provide solutions to the needs and challenges in any workplace environment will be those who eventually influence and change the sub-culture of that specific workplace or industry.

Today's Workplace Challenge:  Re-align your mental approach to your workplace today.  First, see your boss and your associates as allies, not enemies.  Second, work with excellence and a relational approach that equates to wisdom in the eyes of your employer/supervisor.  Third, as challenges arise today (and everyday), be a part of the team that solves problems and promotes solutions.  This approach may accelerate your hope to be the salt and light that transforms your workplace into a Kingdom out-post that gives great glory to the God of all workplaces. You can do it for His glory!