Lucky or Blessed in Your Work

Good morning!  Nothing replaces hard work in your job. However, there is a mentality that says you don't need to work hard because "good luck" will get you ahead. But, as believers we know there is no substitute for work- hard work- because it it God's plan for you and me.  It is as basic to life as marriage and family. In fact, the Lord gave Adam work before He gave him a wife, kids, and family life (Gen. 2:15).  Work was Adam's calling. To rely on something else (luck included) to take its place is unnatural and out of God's intended realm.

It is summertime and some of you are vacationing. If you are, enjoy it!  Take a break and re-gird yourself with physical refreshment because next week is coming.  If you are working today, work hard and try to be thankful for the calling (the job) God has given you. Being at work today is not punishment; rather, it is simply part of God's plan. It is His gift to you and the way you handle it, manage it, and steward it is your gift back to Him. 

Today's Workplace Challenge:  In return for His gift to you, give Him the gift of excellence today.  Refuse to despise or look down on your job any day,  Let the Person of Jesus shine all over you and work so that Christ is honored and glorified!  If you are one of those who has the day off, express your thanksgiving to those who are grocery store clerks, nurses, and convenient store attendants.  But remember...when you go in the convenient store to thank the attendant, don't waste your money on a lottery ticket! It's not about's about being responsible with God's call on your life at work and everywhere He leads you.  Have a wonderful day and really make it count for His glory!