Making Hay While The Sun Is Shining

Good morning!  If you could get back just one day of high school, would you like to go back and relive it?  What about a single day in the third grade?  Would you appreciate that opportunity?  How about a day in college with all that life had to offer and all that you had to offer back then?  What if you could go back and have over again a day in the course of your first job experience out of high school or college.  For many of us, if we had it to do over again, even just one day, we would try to do it differently, better, with more passion, more purpose, more focus and greater impact.

I visited with a 90-year-old Christian woman.  She would love to be where you are today.  In many ways she is a remarkable lady and has done well to make it this far though her eyesight has failed her over the past five years and recently her back has simply given out.   God's plan for her is not yet done, but much of the work of her hands and her mind in which she formerly was so engaged is no longer possible.  That part of her life and opportunity is passed and it will not be back.  Such a time will eventually come for all of us.  It even did for Jesus.  He said, "I must work the works of Him Who sent Me; for night is coming when no man will work."  (John 9:4)  It is sobering to admit that the day is quickly coming when none of us will ever work again.  Life will pass and all opportunity to do anything for anyone, have any impact on any culture, or bring any glory to God in this world through our workplaces will be irreversibly behind us.

Today's Workplace Challenge:  You have this day!  You don't have to dream that it would come back.  It is here, now.  This is it.  And today holds opportunities that, though perhaps not glamorous in their nature, represent valuable moments for you to do the works of Him Who made you and sent you into your workplace specifically for this day to fulfill His purposes there. This day is anything but mundane...and in 25 years, or more or much less, you might be willing to give your right arm to get it back to relive it over again.  So use it wisely.  Leave nothing on the table.  Have no regrets and live it to its very fullest.  Make it count!  Accomplish all you can while the sun is shining.  For night is coming when no man will work! Have a very productive day and live it up for Christ!