Your Work Matters

My sister and brother-in-law retired from their life-long work but still wanted to live their faith somewhere in a workplace context. So, they both drive a special needs school bus in their county school system. I’m amazed at the joy and enthusiasm they share when talking about their daily vocations. It is obvious they are intentional in applying their faith in the workplace. Through their obedience, God is using them to serve and encourage special needs children and their families on a daily basis. Yet, there are those who might argue that driving a school bus (and many other vocations) is unimportant work. Absent faith, driving a bus might appear to be a menial job, but faith makes it matter and in a big way.  In God’s economy, all honest work is significant because when believers integrate faith in the workplace, their work becomes an extension of God’s hand.   

Tim Keller, in his book Every Good Endeavor, said that “applying faith in the workplace gives us a concept of the dignity and worth of all work, even simple work, without which work could bore you”. Martin Luther wrote “People who do the simplest kinds of work are the fingers of God.” This understanding should change our perspective about the perceived inconsequential tasks we sometimes do.

Think about it. Jesus willingly performed menial tasks that others wanted to avoid. He washed feet, prepared meals and served children. Nothing was beneath Him because He came to serve and to bring glory to His Father in this world. We are called to follow His example (John 13:15). Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, waited tables before he was a preacher (Acts 6­:2). Paul gathered wood for the fire to warm others (Acts 28:2). These are simple and trivial tasks but still important to God because they were done for His purposes and His glory. With a God perspective, even boring tasks will become exciting because we more easily see His hand at work through and around us.

Your workplace challenge is to see that your work matters to God regardless of how unimportant it may appear. Adjust your perspective and start seeing yourself and your work as an extension of God’s hand. You daily work matters to God and He wants to bless others through you. Whether you drive a school bus, wait a table, sweep a floor or cut grass for a living, do it with joy and enthusiasm for His Glory.