Your Work has Value

Eric Liddell, the Olympic gold medal runner who was the star of Chariots of Fire, responded to his “religious” sister when she challenged him about his life’s work.  She wanted him to go onto the mission field rather than focus on what he loved…running. His reply to her was, “when I run I feel His pleasure.”  Liddell knew that God had created him for worship and that worship can take on many forms. Sadly, his sister had bought into a religious philosophy prevalent in today’s culture that deems “nonreligious” activity as having no spiritual value. However, this viewpoint is not biblical. Liddell understood that running, or any other activity done for God and His pleasure, is both ministry and worship. In the same way, our work, if performed for God and His pleasure is ministry and worship unto Him. Therefore, work has spiritual value.  

What gives our work value? First, it is safe to say biblically that work itself can be ministry. The word ministry means service and we serve God by ministering to others at work. For the believer, everything we do is an act of service/ministry because we do it as unto the Lord (Col. 3:23-24). God has instilled certain gifts and talents in us so that He might find pleasure in what we do through our work. Therefore, when we serve others we also serve Him and bring Him pleasure. Too often Christians measure the significance of their job by its perceived eternal value. Yet, according to scripture, God values our work even if it has no eternal value. He declared work to be “very good” (Gen 1:31) and He promises rewards to people in everyday jobs based on their attitude and conduct (Eph 6:8). You see, God values work and wants to use our calling at work to let His glory shine through.

Our workplace challenge is to view our work from God’s perspective and to stop seeing it according to the world’s philosophy as meaningless drudgery and something we do to pay our bills. Paul warns against the world’s philosophy. In Colossians 2:8, he said beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy or empty deceit according to the basic principles of man and not according to Christ. Start seeing your work according to Christ who always maintained the Father’s perspective. Make today count for His Glory.