Joy Matters

I love when I encounter joyful Christians in the workplace. I love hearing their infectious laughter and seeing thier never-ending smiles. Joyful Christians have an uplifting spirit and an encouraging nature that can be contagious. As believers, we know that the joy of the Lord  in our lives matters.

Believers should be the "happiest" workers around!  In fact, a consistently irritable, grumpy or unhappy workplace Christian serves as a contradiction to the Christian faith. We have a choice to be either crabby or joyful every day. So, why is it important to be joyful? Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and joyful people generally reflect well on their faith and the Lord Jesus Christ. In contrast, a grouchy Christian will reflect poorly upon the Lord. I once read a slogan that said “your glow should show who you know”. We can be joyful because our sins are forgiven and we have the gift of eternal life. What's more, we have been given the indwelling of the Holy Spirit who gives us joy. The hope of the righteous brings joy (Proverbs 10:28). 

The Bible says to rejoice in the Lord always (Phil 4:4) and to shout to God with cries of joy (Psalm 47:1). This is the day that the Lord hath made; let us rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118:24). Jesus said, these things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full (John 15:11). 

Our workplace challenge is to evaluate whether our work life exhibits a joy-filled life. Ask this question…do others see me as pleasant or petulant, cheerful or cantankerous, positive or pessimistic, glad or gloomy? Each day, we get to decide how we act and our present circumstances are not an excuse for a sorrowful attitude. Starting today, practice joy and develop the spiritual discipline of being joyful. We may naturally be a “glass half empty” kind of person but we have the Holy Spirit to help us. Choose joy and make today count for His Glory!