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"All the...sinners were coming near to Him to listen to Him."  Luke 15:1

Good morning!   I was just talking some time ago with a Christian man who told me that when he took the job in which he is currently employed he was informed about a man "that he would have to fire."  Upon further investigation, he discovered that this man had a fairly foul mouth, didn't have very high standards or morals, wasn't very relational, and didn't cooperate well with the others in the plant.  The Christian man, however, decided to befriend this employee whom others had rejected.  It didn't take long for the disdained employee to say to the Christian man, "You're different, man.  I don't know what you have but I want it!"  Dare we ask the Lord to give us such an opportunity to share?  But the Christian man of whom I am speaking had earned a reputation and therefore, the right to talk about his faith in Christ.  What do you have?  Does anybody want it?  Maybe the better question is "Who do you have (living in your heart) and does anybody in your workplace want to know Him (Christ) because of the way you allow Him to impact you and shape your speech, work ethic, behavior and general perspective?"  Are the unredeemed coming near to you to listen to you? (see Luke 15:1)  I'm afraid that I have, at times, been more of a repellent than I have an attracting factor for people knowing who God really is.

People are just waiting for someone to show them the way.  In Acts 8 Philip is on a desert road when he comes upon an man riding in a chariot on his way home.  The man is trying to make sense from the scroll he is holding but doesn't understand anything that he is reading.  When Philip asks him if he understands the words on the pages he says, "How can I, unless someone guides me."  (Acts 8:31)  The people in your office today are waiting on someone to guide them, show them the way, and model Christ for them.  It isn't hard.  Just be yourself in Christ.  Let Him shine in you.  They will notice the difference even when you think they don't.  And they will want what you have.  Give it to them today! 

Today's Workplace Challenge: Evaluate your work-life.  Ask the honest question:  "Does anyone in my workplace want what I have?"  In other words, are you attracting others toward Christ?  Are you guiding others at work in the truth of Christ?  If not, what changes, both visible and invisible, will you make today to give people a good reason to want to know Him?  Rather than writing off (or firing) the employee or co-worker that everyone else has shunned, why not invest in him/her and ask the Lord to use your life to inspire and shape his/her life in a Kingdom way?  Identify who that person is and make a specific plan. (Don't leave it to chance.)  Finally, who is the seeker who needs the clarification and guidance that you are able to offer?  Approach that person the way Philip did and let the Lord reveal Himself clearly to him using you as the catalyst.  Make today count! 


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