God Ordered It This Way Because We Need Rest

Good morning!  "It's Friday, but Sunday's coming," goes the now-famous saying from a sermon some years ago.  What will you be doing on Sunday?  Will your company or business be open?  Will it remain closed for employees to observe the Sabbath.  Our standard (God' Word) says, "Six days you shall labor and do all your work."  (Exodus 20:9)

In today's generation, you can shop online anytime, do banking 24/7 and with the recent cultural trends you can live life on Sunday almost like it is a regular day of the week.  There is a tendency as Christians to assimilate ourselves into this pattern where there is no line of demarcation between the Sabbath and the other six days of the week.  I personally remember a time growing up in Virginia in the 1970's where "blue laws" prohibited most businesses from being open on Sunday.  That was then.

If you own, operate, or are the decision-maker for a business or company and you operate on Sunday, the questions for today are 1) Why?  2)  Is it necessary?  3) What would happen if you weren't open?  Some business principals and owner/operators refuse to do business on Sunday because, after all, God said not to (and that's a pretty good reason)!  Truett Cathy of Chicfila shared with me personally, while visiting with him several years ago, that he had never been open on Sunday and he sincerely believed it was one of the several reasons why God has so richly blessed his very popular and famous restaurant chain.

No one to judge you this morning.  No legalism.  Certainly no one to tell you what to do.  Furthermore, there are some professionals who must work on Sunday and you and I are thankful they do...like doctors, nurses, medical people, pharmacists, and other service-related professions.  Needs continue even though the clock strikes midnight on Saturday evening.  Some people have to work on the Sabbath.  (See exceptions even Jesus made for working on the Sabbath in Matt. 12:11-12; Luke 13:15; Luke 14:5).  But do you?  Should you?  If you are, would God bless your company even more if your weren't?

Today's Workplace Challenge:  Prayerfully consider your profession and the text for today.   Ask the Lord what He thinks.  Maybe you don't own the business; you're simply an employee.  Are you working Sundays?  Could you arrange it some other way?  Would the Lord have you change it?  Pray over this matter and consult other Christians whom you deeply respect.  It may be time to take a bold step of faith and prove God to be faithful to His Word in your life.  Is He big enough to give you as much in six days as you will need in seven?  Worship Him on Sunday...and get some rest!  (You're looking a little haggard, by the way!)   Just kidding, of course, but God's not.  Have a  productive workday on this Friday and enjoy your weekend.  See you in church on Sunday!

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