No Training Wheels Needed At Work

How practical is your faith at work?  Seriously, is it more about actions or is it just words that find very little in basis in reality.  Paul spoke a mouthful when he said, "If we live by the spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit"  (Gal. 5:25).  Apparently he was teaching us that if we say we are living a life in Christ, then our daily walk or lifestyle (way of work) should also reflect a life that is led by the Spirit. 

But how is one led by the Spirit of God at work?  What difference does the Holy Spirit really have, practically speaking, in your life on the job this morning?  When Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit He used the term Paraclete.  This term means helper or one who comes along beside.  When my daughter was learning to ride a bicycle I literally ran along beside her in a parking lot.  I was there to steer her directionally, hold her bike up until she was able to balance it on her own, encourage her with the closeness of my presence and pick her up if she fell down.  There you have it.  The Holy Spirit is your Helper at work today:  He will guide your heart, mind, decisions, and literal steps not to mention the direction you will go.  He will hold you up because you cannot provide proper workplace balance without His helping hand.  He will come along beside you all day to cheer you on as you do the hard work necessary to achieve workplace goals that will make your organization a success and give Him glory.  He is also there to pick you up when you fall down. 

Today's Workplace Challenge:  Turn your words into actions and practice what you preach about the Holy Spirit.  Quit trying to ride the (workplace) bike by yourself.  Let HIm steady your work.   Allow Him the freedom to lead you in whatever direction He wishes to take you.  When your work is bearing down on you and you think you can push the peddles no further, let His cheering voice keep you going.  When you fall down or fail to reach an objective or when a relationship goes sour, reach out for His loving hand and let Him pick you up.  He has an amazing ability to brush you off and put you back in your seat and get you moving again.  If all we can do is talk about how great God is but treat Him like He is nonexistent or unable to lead and help us at work, then something is wrong with our application or with our God.  And our God is just fine.  Make today really count.  Let Him help you- even lead you- at work... Walk (and ride) in the Spirit!

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